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25 January 2010 @ 02:06 am

yatta~~ minna san~~ it's 25th January 2010.. and guess what~ it's Sho-chan's birthday!! otanjoubi omedettou!!

my dear Sho-chan.. i wish you a happy birthday.. may God blesses you and ARASHI.. i wish that you'll achieve every single thing that you want in life and off course.. please.. continue being our Sho-chan that we love sooo much!! :)

for what's worth.. i hope your day starts like this..

rise and shine.. you wake up with such a grin on your face coz you know it's you birthday, deshou?

and you take your shower so you smell nice and clean~

and there he is.. waiting for you in the living room..

yappari.. he wakes up early and cook you some breakfast!

like i said... it's BREAKFASTS..

then both of you off to the studio.. meeting the other members..then you'll see Nino~

Nino says "Sho-chan, happy birthday.. eat some pudding~ "..

then, Riida says..Sho-chan, here's my present..

demo.. it makes Nino sad~

aww.. Oh-chan apologize!!

now they're happy again~ ehh.. it's not Ohmiya time now..

how 'bout matsujun? he gives you..

his favourite clothes!! arigatou~
off back to sakuraiba home.. Aiba says "Ne..i have a present for you.."

jajang!! just kidding~ close your eyes..

"oide..." and you happily comply to that call~ weeee!! happy birthday Sho-chan.. gomen minna san~ it's too long ne.. it's rare that i post something~ yet today i got hyper.. hihi..

otanjoubi omedettou!!

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21 May 2009 @ 03:27 pm
this is my first time in writing here...wahhh~~ don't have any clue..

let me introduce myself :

name : Trisya
location : i'm in Jakarta, Indonesia doing my degrees (medicine)
hobbies : singing, reading and eating (this few years, i've been allured to Arashi and News!!)
ichibans : Sakurai Sho and Yamapi!! yay!! (i love them, like a LOT!!) XD

i hope i'll write more here..till next time ~~

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